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Our pets are one of the most loved beings in our lives; they’re quite literally our family. They change our lives for the better and we don’t know how we had ever lived without them! 

During your pet portrait session you’re getting a chance to connect and spend quality time with your pet. You’ll be actively making memories and giving them lots of well-deserved attention while I capture the beautiful moments.

To top it all off you're getting literal artwork of your pet to keep those irreplaceable memories forever.

Hello, I'm Jessica; 

Looking for bold and stunning images to showcase your pet? Don’t worry about your pet being too goofy or playful to pose for high end photos. I have been working with dogs and all sorts of animals for years. Extensive knowledge of animal behavior allows me know exactly how to get your pet to look like they belong on the cover of a magazine! Guaranteed they’ll have a blast doing it, too!

If you're in the West Michigan / Grand Rapids area and are a devoted pet parent let's get in touch! We can work together to create gorgeous pieces all while you get to spend quality time with your pet.  Win-win!

Learn more about me and my photography.

the owner/photographer of Arrow Images. I specialize in pet portraits for all types of animals. With 15+ years of photography and photo editing experience I love bringing out the sophistication and emotion of my client’s pets. I want you to have gorgeous, high quality images of your prized pet, and not be stuck with random snapshots on your phone.


Headshot photo credit to the amazing Rebecca Dexter Visuals

the arrow images experience


Since you're here I bet you're wondering exactly what comes with your Arrow Images pet session!

Let's lay it all out. Here are the benefits of choosing me for your best buds portraits! 

leash, collar, &tag removal

These are all removed and included in your session! We want to see your beautiful pet, not their bulky distracting collars and tags. Leashes and collars also tend to pull on the dogs skin/fur so I will always even out any neck wrinkles to make for a clean, natural looking final portrait. 

IMG_0449 Edited no collar example JPG.jpg

immaculate & creative editing

My editing goes far beyond the standard leash and collar removal though. I have 15+ years of editing experience. You wont just be getting snapshots of your pet, each photo will have every detail taken into account. Tear stains, stray hairs, dander- everything will be edited perfectly.
I also offer the ever popular black/white background edits, digital watercolor edits, and other unique styles to create a real art piece for your home!

Rococo 16x20 Boxer.jpg

paw print art included in full sessions

Every Full Session comes with a mess free ink pad to get a paw print from your pet. I then use the paw print in digital form and add it onto their photo for a gorgeous and sentimental portrait!
My clients cherish these paw print portraits and they're always so happy I offer it!

IMG_2694 Edited JPG Pawprint.jpg

outfit and style help

While these sessions focus mainly on your dear pet, Full Sessions do include the option for two final photos with humans (that's you!). You will be given a link to color suggestions, outfit do's & don'ts, and a vision board full of ideas to help with inspiration for your outfit choice. I also can help you over email to take a look at your wardrobe and discuss your options until you make your choice!
We will have you looking your best in no time!

Color Palette.jpg
IMG_6918 Edited.jpg

highest quality handmade canvas options

While I always offer my regular canvases I also have "Handmade Canvases" which are available as an additional purchase for those who want the sturdiest, top of the line products. (Sturdy being a necessity for any portraits going in stables). Each one is handcrafted from my producer and the details are impeccable! They can be touched, cleaned, and will withstand way more than the average canvas! All while being the most stunning pieces you'll find. If you want the best then having this Handmade Canvas as an option is a must.
Here is a video of these incredible canvases coming to life!

Room 35 Horse.jpg
IMG_3185 Edited cropped WM JPG.jpg
IMG_6447 White background Cropped wider.jpg

so, ready to check out the collections and see what's right for you and your pet?

Let's Chat!
Grand Rapids Pet Photographer Jessica of Arrow Images

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“Jessica has been taking photos for our family for the past 5 years. We enjoy her positive energy and her passion for what she does. She loves animals and they love her too... Working with Jessica is fun and stress free. We look forward to her taking our photos and we are proud to display our photos on our walls and our office at work.” 

IMG_6685 Edited Grey cement background JPG.jpg


"Jessica at Arrow Images is amazing! The photographs I received were absolutely beautiful and she was SUPER fun to work with. I highly recommend her for any animal portraits you may want!"

Grand Rapids Area Pitbull Dog Photography


"Jessica is an amazing photographer. We wanted photos of our various pets ranging from poison dart frogs to a dog. She was able to capture unique photos of them all. Jessica is very professional and I would work with her again."

West Michigan Dog Photographer Beagle


“Jessica took amazing photos of my beagle, Penny. She’s a talented, professional and engaging photographer. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to capture perfect moments with your beloved pet!”

Grand Rapids Exotic Pet Photographer


"If anybody needs photos done of their pets, especially exotic, I have to highly recommended Jessica. She did a wonderful job, and all from our home, so no stress on the animals with transportation. I could not have imagined the pictures coming out as amazing as they did! She has an incredible talent and patience, and some really cool ideas for view points on the animals!"

Artistic, Bold, and Stunning

                      images to showcase your pet.


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