Frame options

Frame options are dependent on the type of photo you're wanting framed. Gallery wrap, metal, deckled, or loose prints. Use this page as a guide to help you choose your frame options when discussing them with me over the phone or email. It may seem overwhelming at first, but don't worry! I'll be there to help with choosing and to answer any questions you may have! 

How to decide ?

When deciding on a frame here are some things to ask yourself to make the process easier.

What color and style is the room that I will be putting the piece in? 
Barn wood/rustic, metal/modern, Burl & Exotic Wood/Stately, Gallery/Classic. 

What colors are prevalent in the photograph itself?
Earth tones, coppers, greens, warm colors, the pet's colors. 

What colors/style are other framed prints I already have in the room? 
Are they basic and will look good with anything or do they need to coordinate. 

Will metal look nice to match metal already in the room?
Is any furniture or décor heavy in metal in the room? Would it look great with a matching metal frame? Or would it clash?


All Frames side by side

Continue below to see which prints fit which frames

Frame Options JPG.jpg
- minus Gallery Wrap float frames

Metal Frames

Metal close up frames.jpg

Modern Frames

Modern close up frames.jpg

barn wood and bamboo Frames

Barn wood and bamboo close up frames.jpg

Americana Frames

Americana close up frames.jpg

float Frames

Float Frames close up frames.jpg

gallery and burl & Exotic Frames

Gallery close up frames.jpg

Gallery Wrap Frames

Gallery Wrap Frame Styles.jpg

Deckled Edge print mat options

Mat color Options.jpg
RedTree Photo Album Linen Product 2.jpg

album covers

album cover linen colors.jpg
album cover linen colors close up.jpg






deep sea

rose quartz






Usb options

Albums and USBs come from separate companies, meaning they are made of different linens and materials. If you ordered both products the colors and fonts will not be identical matches.

Crystal usb linen box color

Crystal Glass USB Flash Drive linen box




USB cap color

Choose from Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold. 
If you choose to have your USB linen box embossed it will automatically come with matching embossing color. 

glass photo print box

Choose from Gold, Copper, or Black.
This gorgeous piece is always in high demand and sometimes out of stock. If it is out of stock when you order I will order from a different company so details may vary. 


glass photo print box.jpg