Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

Updated: May 31

We are so lucky in Michigan to have an array of beaches on nearly every side of the state. But which ones can you take your furry, best bud to? Here are some of the best Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches! Some are dog friendly while others actually have dog parks right on the water so your pal can really let loose and play! My list of 8 Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches you should check out: Norman F. Kruse Park Dog Beach 3205 W Sherman Blvd, Muskegon, MI 49441

Dog enjoying the water at Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

I love this beach because they have an actual dog park area at the North end where your dog can goof around off leash when in the water. Playing fetch in Lake Michigan is definitely on your dog’s bucket list, I promise! This beach is also amazing because of the gorgeous boardwalk views! There is often beach erosion here so always check to make sure it's open! The photos for this entire post are actually of Thor enjoying the sandy beaches of Norman F. Kruse Park Dog Beach! Holland State Park 2215 Ottawa Beach Rd, Holland, MI 49424

Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches with dunes and trails

This dog friendly beach is actually in the Lake Macatawa day-use area. It’s nice because it’s not too terribly far from the swim area. Your dog will need to stay on leash while enjoying themselves at this lake! So, go check out the Big Red Lighthouse and catch a sunset with your best bud! Saugatuck Dunes State Park 6575 138th Ave, Holland, MI 49423

Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches where you can spend time with your pet

Your dog is allowed the entire 2.5-mile length of the shoreline on leash. You can use any of the 4 hiking trails to get access to the water. While you’re there you can see dunes over 200 feet tall! If you enjoy a slightly more secluded beach with trails to walk your dog then this is for you! South Higgins Lake State Park 881 E Higgins Lake Dr, Roscommon, MI 48653

Go on a hike with your dog at these Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

If you’re in the more Northern, middle area of the LP and don’t want to drive to the big lakes then consider the beaches at South Higgins Lake. There are two beaches for your dog here. One for day-use and one for campers only. So, if you enjoy beach camping then this is a great spot to look into for you and your dog! Warren Dunes State Park 12032 Red Arrow Hwy, Sawyer, MI 49125

Owner and dog playing at Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

This is a wonderful park and it’s common for people traveling with their dog to stop and check it out. So, you’ll see lots of people from out of state or even out of the country! It’s also open year-round which is nice if you and your dog want to go for a scenic walk during the winter months. This beach was even featured as one of the 10 best pet friendly beaches in the US! Orion Dog Park "Beach" 2301 W Clarkston Road Lake, Orion Charter Township, MI 48360

Arrow Images photo shoot at Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

Another one that’s not on a Great Lake, but is great fun! This is for my friends on the East Side of the state. Not only is it a huge dog park that allows your dog to run around off leash, but they also have a water area. Best of both worlds! While it's not a sandy beach type, it is a lot of fun for water loving dogs! There is a large seasonal dock your dog can jump off of and ramps for easy access back out of the water! With grassy areas, wooded trails, and water fun, you better be sure to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood! Your dog will thank you with many tail wags! Learn more about Orion Oaks Dog Park! Buttersville Park Beach 1100 S Lakeshore Dr, Ludington, MI 49431

Dog jumping on sand dunes at Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

Another great place to camp and be a beach bum with your dog! With Lake Michigan beach access and a public beach area just down the road from the campground it doesn’t get any better. People love this beach and it is highly rated. So, go join the fun! Just make sure you take note of the on and off-leash areas while you’re there. Kirk Park Dog Beach 9791 Lake Shore Dr, West Olive, MI 49460

Boardwalk views at Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches

This dog beach is nice because it is off leash! While it is a smaller spot that is very popular your dog will love it if they really enjoy playing with lots of other dogs and people. This beach is for the social butterflies! If they, or you, are not quite as social then I would recommend one of the more secluded dog beaches with a bigger area of shoreline. This beach gets mixed reviews because of it's smaller, busy space. EDIT: They now currently have specific hours for dogs. May 1 - September 30: Limited dog beach hours are in effect (dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10am-6pm)

October 1 - April 30: Dogs are allowed on Kirk Park beach off-leash; they must remain leashed on-trail. Grand Haven “Dog” Beach

I would actually say this is not one of the best Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches and this one is more of a warning. This is a nice beach but I’m only including this to make sure you’re aware that dogs are only allowed seasonally and only during certain hours! Before 11am and after 5pm is what I’ve seen posted. They can only be on part of the beach which isn’t very close to some of the parking and they must stay on leash. They apparently enforce this with tickets as well! So, keep that in mind and do your research before going or choose a different beach if you plan to spend a whole day.

Below are some Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Remember, unless it’s a dog park zone, to keep your dog on a 6-foot lead. Even when enjoying the water.

  • Keep an eye out for designated swim areas. Your dog isn’t allowed in those parts of the beach.

  • As always don’t forget to BYOB – Bring Your Own Bags! No one wants dog doody on the beach.

  • Bring the good treats! Your dog will need extra tasty treats for reliable recall with all the distractions and fun there will be at the beach.

  • Look up any specific dog park fees or parking costs so you’re prepared!

  • Bring extra towels for your best bud and also to line the car seats for the ride home if needed.

  • With heavy storms some beaches and walkways can get washed out! Be sure to check if you go after a storm that they’re still open.

  • Pack a toy!! And don’t forget it when you head back home! Fetch at the beach is a must. Thor told me so!

  • I know you’ll be surrounded by lake but I always bring a fresh jug of water and a bowl anyways. You can also use the fresh water to rinse off sandy paws before hopping into the car when you head home.

  • The addresses may be for the entire park in general so check out where the specific Michigan Dog Friendly Beaches areas are before leaving your home.

For a super detailed list of more shorelines head over to the DNR pet-friendly shoreline list. For info about giving your pet their very own beach photo shoot check out the rest of my website! Or send me an email at ContactArrowImages@gmail.com

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