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Looking for a local Michigan Humane Society to find a new furry family member? Here are some lists and info to help you find the right one for you! Along with some photos of real pets adopted right here in Michigan.

Black lab dog from a local Michigan Humane Society.
This is Pippi! She was adopted and now her owner can't imagine life without her!

There are a lot of Michigan humane societies, animal shelters, and rescues to choose from! But what's the difference between the them? Mostly just the legalities. There are actually two types of legal entities. A place can be a registered shelter or it can be a non-profit which does rescue. The non-profit could still have the label of shelter though, since shelter is also often used as an umbrella term to describe any place that "shelters" animals. It's a requirement for any place that houses animals to be legally registered with the state. However, foster based rescues do not need to register since they're based from people's homes.

  • Each Michigan Humane Society is its own separate entity and they each have their own individual rules and ways of operating. They are privately run and non-profit relying on donations.

  • While "shelter" is a word that can encompass all places a County Shelter is government run and is able to utilize tax money to operate in conjunction with donations. If you meet the requirements you can usually get a pet adopted fairly quickly or even the same day. Check out this amazing and unique Happy Cat Café, which is a registered shelter.

  • A Rescue can range from an individual up to a large non-profit with lots of volunteers. They also rely on donations. They can sometimes have longer and stricter adoption processes. But it's only to make sure the pet is getting a great home, so don't worry! A Rescue can be an easy way to find specific breeds since there are often rescues for just one type of pet - Like this Michigan Pug Rescue! Or this Weimaraner Rescue! You can even find pet specific places like this Ferret Rescue. You just might have to drive a ways to get to one depending on where you live. However, we have found many pure breed dogs and other cool, small pets at our local Michigan Humane Society and our County Shelter too! So be sure to check those out often as well. Every single Michigan humane society, shelter, and rescue is unique and will have it's own way of adopting out pets. So no matter where you go, just be sure to research and ask the right questions! You will probably want to go with a place that has gotten your pet up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and where they are well socialized around other dogs/pets. Try not to get discouraged if you don't meet the requirements at one place, just try a different one. Or if there is something non-pet-friendly about your home see if you can make some improvements to make it a better environment for being able to adopt! There are plenty of pets looking for homes and you'll find the right one for your family.

It's hard to find a list of every single place Michigan has to offer, but here are a few great recourses I found for you.

  • For quick viewing of what's near your location, here is a map of Michigan Humane Society and Rescues Google provided.

  • You can also search on Petfinder and add your location and range. They have an abundance of filters to narrow your search as well.

  • Here is a list of Michigan Animal Shelters organized by County. Use the Ctrl F search feature to find your county easily on the list!

  • And in case that wasn't enough, here's another nice big list including cat rescues that shows their adoptable pets on Petfinder for you! Use the Ctrl F feature to search for your town or breed type.

The stigma behind adopting a pet from a shelter can sometimes make people think twice. But don't be fooled! People often have to relinquish rights to their pet for all sorts of unfortunate, yet normal, reasons. Wonderful, healthy pets are brought in to a Michigan Humane Society every day. Sometimes their owners pass away and no other family is there to take them in. Sometimes families have no other choice but to move, maybe even out of the country, where they cannot bring their pet. People get hit with debilitating health issues that prevent them from being physically able to care for their pets anymore. And yes, there are people who give up their perfect, furry family member for selfish reasons too. So, through no fault of their own, every Michigan Humane Society is filled with amazing pets just waiting for you to come by and visit them! Go meet your new best friend today!

Once you adopt your new family member be sure to consider giving them their own photography session so you can show off your new best bud! You can also find some fun activities to do with them, like bringing them to a pet friendly beach!

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