Orion Oaks Dog Park

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Love checking out new dog parks? Well then you NEED to check out Orion Oaks Dog Park! It’s got to be one of the coolest around! If you’re not on the East Side of the state you might want to consider packing up for an awesome day trip with your best bud in tow!

Two dogs enjoying Orion Oaks Dog Park

This dog park is HUGE and it has a variety of areas for you and your dog to explore. The park sits on 24 acres of land. Just incredible! They have it split into a few different areas. There are three areas for large dogs and two for smaller dogs. There's so much to do all in one space! That's what makes this dog park unique. Large grassy areas for fetch and running around freely with all the other dogs. Wooded areas with a couple trails so you can take a hike through nature while your dog gets to sniff to their hearts content. And arguably the best part about Orion Oaks Dog Park is the seasonal dock!

Dog Swimming at Orion Oaks Dog Park dock

Yes, this park has its own little corner of a lake with a dock for your dog to take a swim! It is a dog only swim area, so you can leave your suit at home. The dock is large at 80-foot long so humans and dogs can fit on it together easily and dogs can leap off the edge! If your dog only likes to wade around and play in the water ankle deep that’s okay too because the dock has multiple ramps for dogs to get in and out of the water easily. Which is very nice for senior dogs! The dock is also my personal favorite spot at the park simply because the view is so serene and peaceful. You’re surrounded by nature and nothing is more beautiful than a Michigan lake in the summer time. Check out this incredible sky-high drone view of Lake Sixteen! So amazing and it really shows how secluded and full of beauty this place is! -For more water-loving dog locations take a look at my other post-

I'd honestly have to say the only thing I don’t like about Orion Oaks Dog Park… is that I don’t live closer! Time to start planning my next trip I guess. And you should too! Your dog will thank you.

Owner and golden retriever at Orion Oaks Dog Park

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