Pet Photography

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Why it's so important! Our pets are one of the most loved beings in our lives, they’re quite literally our family. They change our lives and we don’t know how we had ever lived without them! But some day, there will be a time when we have to. When that day comes and we are left with only memories, your photographs will be there for you to relive those irreplaceable times. Professional Pet Photography is the best way to be able to do just that. Snapshots lost on your phones shouldn't be the only thing we have left of someone so cherished. They deserve to have their memories showcased in the home they lived in. And you should be able to see their portraits and smile while memories filled with love flood your heart. To look back on the good times and remember them at their best. Not to be forgotten but to always be a part of your home. It's time to get real. All too often people don't get serious about having their pet's photos taken until they realize their pet is towards the end. Rushing to quick capture these memories before they lose the chance! Senior photos are wonderful to have and I highly recommend doing so. But please don't wait and risk missing out. I've had people cancel their sessions, because they waited too long. I've had people who had pets pass just days/weeks after their sessions. I've also had people whose pets had completely unexpected accidents when they weren't even that old. Tragic things happen. But I'm always glad for the ones who already had portraits taken. And of those clients each one of them came to me asking to get even more photos from their sessions. That's why pet photography is so important. That's the first thing you do when you lose a pet. Try to scrape together every photo you can find. Try to hold onto each and every memory you can. Be sure you have those memories.

Pet Photography at Townsend Park in Michigan

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