add on Products

If you love your photos and want more prints than what your collection comes with, here are the options for all additional products available. These products are available as "add-ons" on top of your chosen collection.
-All pricing is before tax and shipping-

LOOSE PRINTS are printed on professional-grade paper in your choice of Lustre or Metallic surface.
-Frame options available.

GALLERY WRAPS are the most requested product. They are ready to hang with wrapped edges, bumpers on lower corners to rest against the walls, and smaller sizes come with finished backs.
-Frame options available.

METAL PRINTS are vibrant high-definition photos printed on aluminum. Metal prints are lightweight, sharp, durable, and fit both rustic and modern decors. This is a good option for large murals as they’re available in extended sizing. 
-Available as a floating mount or fully framed.

DECKLED EDGE PRINTS come on textured Fine Art Paper featuring a hand-torn (deckled) edge. This print has a watercolor, artistic, and natural feel. Looks wonderful with standard prints and also goes perfectly with digital watercolor style images.
-Comes framed. Choose from handcrafted wood or metal. Acrylic is added to protect the face of your print.

                    PRINT PRICING CHART

ALBUMS are crafted by hand with archival materials. This classic heirloom features thick, lay-flat pages printed on photographic paper and is covered with European linens. A must have for people who love their entire gallery and want to display them all.
     8 x 10 Album in linen | 20 page                               $ 945
     8 x 10 Album in linen | 30 page                               $ 1195

RUSTIC HANGING CANVAS is made with archival quality canvas, reclaimed wood edges, and jute & copper accents.              11x14                           $ 300
      20x16                         $ 345
Extended sizing available.

ACRYLIC BLOCKS are made by mounting the front of a photo print to optically clear acrylic. Acrylic amplifies the image and makes a stunning piece for any desk or mantel.           5x7                               $ 145

WALNUT BOX with engraved lid for mounted 5x7 prints. Made with black walnut this photo box is sanded smooth on each side, and finished off with a clear coat for quality and durability. Prints not included.
     5x7 box                        $175

5x7 mounted prints are only available with photo boxes and are sold separately.
     5 count                        $250
     10 count                      $445

GLASS PHOTO BOX comes crafted from glass with copper edges. This heirloom photo box is the perfect way to hold and display your 5x7 mounted images. Prints not included.
     5x7 box                        $295
Upgrade from your Collection included Walnut Box to the Glass Box                         $150

5x7 mounted prints are only available with photo
 boxes and are sold separately. Glass Box holds up to 10. 
     5 count                        $250
     10 count                      $445

 LARGE METAL MURALS for a breath-taking display of your pets that becomes a true focal point of the home. Made by infusing your photo image into specially coated aluminum for life-like prints.

Window - Large (2 - 15x40, 1 - 30x40, overall 62x40)


Four Square - Large (4 - 20x20, overall 41x41)


Portrait Triptych - Large (3 - 24x36, overall 74x36)


Classic Triptych-Cluster (2-16x20, 1-20x30, overall 54x30)

DIGITALS for personal online use only. No printing rights or releases. Watermark-free, high resolution photos that are perfect for sharing your pet with your friends and family online and for use as phone and computer backgrounds.    


     1 Digital                          $200

     5 Digitals                       $500

     10 Digitals                     $750

     Full Gallery                   $40 per digital.

USB with all purchased digitals. USB available in Walnut or Crystal to coordinate with photo boxes. Crystal USBs come in their own linen case. Walnut USBs come in their own walnut case, or if you already purchased the 5x7 Walnut Photo Box, it can be upgraded to include the USB inside it's own compartment. Digitals sold separate. 

     Walnut or Crystal USB with case                  $95
     USB Walnut Box upgrade                               $195

     Add on Walnut Box with USB                       $275

Premium handmade Canvases
While I always offer my regular canvases I'm extremely proud to also have "Handmade Canvases" which are available as an additional purchase for those who want the sturdiest, top of the line products. (Sturdy being a necessity for any portraits going in stables). Each one is handcrafted from my producer and the details are impeccable! They can be touched, cleaned, and will withstand way more than the average canvas! All while being the most stunning pieces you'll find. If you want the best then having the Handmade Canvas as an option is a must.

Handmade Canvases come in a wide range of sizes, part of what makes them so amazing! Therefore pricing varies as well. There are also multiple options for these canvases including stunning framing! Pricing for these museum quality canvases will be discussed together based on your needs.

Here is a video of these incredible canvases coming to life!


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Rose Gold Copper Glass Photo Box
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1 1  PortraitTriptych Metal Print Produc
1 ClassicTriptych Metal Print
Arrow Images Grand Rapids Pet Photographer Walnut Box USB product
Arrow Images Grand Rapids Pet Photographer Crystal USB product
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