what to wear

All of my sessions focus on getting portraits to highlight your pet. But I know how important it is to have some photos alongside your dear friend as well! I include the option for 2 different poses in each session of you with your pet to make sure you get those special moments.(Two final images with humans can be chosen from your gallery)

So what do you wear?

I recommend wearing natural colors without large print or pattern. A monochromatic color scheme is one of my favorites and allows for a very cohesive look. That means using mostly one main color for the entire look. The human’s outfit, the pet’s fur color, and even the background colors if possible. If your pet has certain tones then wearing an outfit that goes well with that works perfect. For example if your pet is beige/cream colored then wearing neutral colors with beige will look great. While on the other hand wearing something like bright red would disconnect you from your pet and would draw attention to your outfit first. Which is not the goal since we want the focus to be your beautiful pet.

Matching your environment is also a good look. If it's fall and the scenery is very warm looking, then wearing natural warmer colors would be very cohesive and will look effortless. Again, not vibrant reds or bright oranges though, more subdued colors that go well together but don't draw attention is the way to go! Think more along the lines of burnt, dusty oranges or a subtle, mustard yellow that's almost closer to cream. 

Here is a board I made to help with inspiration and to visualize what I'm talking about. You can also discuss outfits and color ideas with me and I'd love to help you plan your outfit!


IMG_7062 Edited JPG.jpg

Wearing black, off-white, or copper tones would compliment Stella's fur.

IMG_6918 Edited.jpg

Stella's owner chose to wear black and it matches her great!

Things to avoid
To look your best these things should not be in your photos so take care to avoid them when preparing for your session.  

-Wrinkled clothing - I cannot edit this out!
-Cell phones or anything in pockets
-Bold or large jewelry
-Sequin or distracting sparkles
-Outfits that show harsh tan lines

-Bright whites - off whites and creams are best. Your pet is likely not pure white and you want to match them.
-Bright or florescent colors
-Bold print or patterns
-Logos or text
-Outfits, bandanas, or harnesses on your pet. We don't want to be distracted, we want to see and celebrate your pet's natural beauty!
-Too casual of an outfit. No baseball hats, t-shirts, sweatpants, casual sneakers, or denim. Check out the inspiration board for ideas!
Better to overdress than underdress.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'd love to help!